World War II Skirmish Ideas, part 7


If you have been following this series of posts, you’ll recall that I am developing some concepts for a new skirmish-level World War II game.  In previous posts, I’ve provided examples of some of the action cards as they’ve evolved.  Above is a sample unit record sheet for a player.  Note that each player is supposed to lead a squad, consisting of two half squads for most countries.  (Marines, on the contrary, divided their squads into three teams.  One might also argue that a US Army squad was divided into three teams as well.)

Below is an example of a vehicle record.  This is very early in development of a vehicle record, as I haven’t thought through all the vehicle rules yet.  I am also desperately in need of another play test of the basic infantry rules.

Note that the layout of the “back” of the vehicle card.  This is designed to give the players guidance on how to resolve the various results of hit location from the action deck.  I would guess that after a game or two most of the back of this card will be no longer needed.  I am hoping to develop some fun items for the non-penetrating hit table.  Also, I think that any penetrating hit will also include a roll on the non-penetratin hit chart.  I’m not artist, but I’m trying to lay out the back of the card in a way that is intuitive.  What do you think?

To this point in development, the only need for a die has been to roll for movement distance each turn.  To resolve these kinds of combat effects, I think I will put a 1 through 10 in the top right corner of each card.  You could then flip a card to “roll” a d10.  If players prefer, they could also use a d10 already sitting on the table for movement instead of flipping a card.

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