Ink Washing Bones to Bring Out Details

Chris Palmer

Sorry to my regular readers, but I didn’t get a figure finished this week. However, I thought I’d share a little on my efforts with using ink to bring out the details in the Bones figures.  As I have mentioned in past posts, I have been having a bit of trouble painting some of the Bones figures due to the large amount of detail on them, and the difficulty I was having in seeing this detail on the bright white figures under my bright painting light.

To help with this problem I thought I would experiment with applying a black ink wash over the figure in hopes it would shade the lines between details on the figure in an effort to make them more visible.  My first effort didn’t work out so well, as the ink just pooled on the plastic figure. (See photo below)

I then remembered an old trick to help break the surface tension in inks and paints; which is to apply a tiny bit of dish soap to the liquid.  The soap helps the ink or paint to flow over the surface and prevents the beading and pooling I was getting.  So I added a tiny pin-head of dish soap to the ink I was applying, and had much better success. (See photo below)  This allowed the ink to flow into the recesses of the details, highlighting them nicely. Now painting the details will be much easier.

I will be continuing to work with this method on future figures.

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