Bones Orc Marauder and Orc Stalker: Figures 37 and 38 of 265

Chris Palmer

This week I complete two of the orcs from the Original 30 Bones set: the Orc Marauder and the Orc Stalker.  After washing them in some dish soap and letting them dry, I spray primed them with Krylon Camouflage with Fusion ”Flat Black”. When this dried, I glued the pair onto black primed 1.25 inch fender washers using Aleene’s Tacky glue.  I then glued them onto a tongue depressor, for ease of painting, using a couple drops of Elmer’s white glue.

The first step I did in painting them was to give the figures a heavy drybrushing with Ceramcoat “Metallic Pewter”.  I then drybrushed their fur garments; using  Americana “Asphaltum” followed by Americana “Mississippi Mud” for the orc with one sword, and GW “Codex Grey” followed by GW “Fortress Grey”, and GW “Shadow Grey” followed by Duncan “Slate Blue”  for  the bottom and top respectively on the orc with two swords. I knew there would be a little overlap of the fur colors onto the chainmail since drybrushing isn’t precise, but I did the best I could to keep the colors separate, knowing I would go back later and neaten the edges with a fine brush.

 Next I painted their skin with Aleene’s “Deep Khaki”. I then did all he belts, wraps, pouches,and straps with plain black .  On the orc with the two swords I did his wrist pieces and his sword hilt with the “Asphaltum.”

I then painted the weapons with the “Metallic Pewter”, and used the this color with a fine brush to also clean up the spots on the edges of the chainmail that got the fur paint on them.

I painted their teeth with  Americana “Buttermilk”.  And the horn on the back of the two sword orc with GW “Kommando Khaki”.

 After all this had dried, I gave both figures a wash with GW “Devlan Mud” wash.  When the wash had dried, I added highlights to their skin using the original “Deep Khaki” mixed with a little Aleene’s “Dusty Khaki. I then painted the eyes with  Americana “Buttermilk”, going back and adding a black pupil in each eye. I also went back and highlighted their teeth with this color.  I also added a little GW “Codex Grey” highlighting on  the belts, pouches, etc.  Finally, I added some GW “Chainmail” highlights to the Orcs’ swords, armor and chainmail.

After everything had dried overnight, I gave the figures a coat of Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish” and, when dry, flocked their bases.  Another overnight dry, and I sprayed them with Testor’s Dull Coat”.

All in all, I’m pleased with how these orcs are turning out.  It should be an impressive sight when I eventually gather the horde together.

Figures 37 and 38: Complete.

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