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Rob Dean

My son Norman (aka the Prince Palatine of Wachovia) was up for a visit this weekend. We decided that we’d use the opportunity for a work session on some miniatures.

Back in 2011 at Cold Wars, we picked up a collection of Prince August molds and figures which gave us the basis for two new countries for the Not Quite Seven Years War. We have gradually organized and filled out units.

Today we dipped into the boxes to touch up and base the last of the figures for which we had full units, 4 squadrons of cavalry, two each for Hesse-Hattemstadt (in blue) and Schluesselbrett (in red).

The original flags were simple solid blue and red, so we each repainted one. Norman did the Schluesselbrett flag with the chess knight, and I did the Hesse-Hattemstadt flag with the wing.

A few additional officers will be needed to field complete regiments, so Norman took home the reds, leaving me to complete the blues. I hope pictures of those will be posted soon.

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