Vending Machines for Granville


In previous posts I’ve shown pictures of the town of Granville I’ve been building up over several years for pulp games.  I recently purchased more of the Litko buildings and have put a few more on my Christmas list.  With another six buildings, the town will be big enough for anything I want to do.  I’ve begun to focus my attention on other details.  In a recent post, I showed the sidewalks I built for the town.  I’ve also got some playground equipment I need to assemble and paint for the park.  This morning while cooking breakfast I made some vending machines to place around town.

Vending Machines for Granville

Vending Machines for Granville

The Coke machine was posted by someone on TMP within the past month or so.  Ever since, I’ve wanted to make additional machines.  You can see a Candy machine (tan), cigarette machine (aqua), and Vernor’s Ginger Ale machine (yellow).  I built these in PowerPoint with some images I found on the Internet.  While I really dislike assembling paper models, I think these won’t be too bad.  I also made some manhole covers to place in the streets.

I really wanted to make machines like this, but just couldn’t get that level of detail in PowerPoint without significantly more effort.

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