Spirit of the Forest: Figure 41 of 265

Chris Palmer

This past week I finished the second member of the Forces of Nature set: The Spirit of the Forest. I did my usual prep of soaking in water with a little dish soap added. When dry, I glued the head on with E6000 glue. I then glued the figure to a large black primed washer with Aileen’s Mighty Tacky glue.

I began by giving the whole thing a coat of heavily thinned Americana “Asphaltum”paint. And then let this dry

Next I  painted anywhere there was a bare end of a log or stick with Americana “Khaki Tan”, and then drybrushed the whole figure lightly with some Folk Art “Barnwood”.  I then began picking out the mushrooms and other fungi with various shades of off-whites and greys, and all the foliage with various shades of green. 

I painted some of the mushroom caps with GW “Tanned Flesh”, and the vines wrapping around the figure I painted with Americana “Sable Brown”.

When this had all dried I gave the whole thing a wash with Windsor Newton “Peat Brown” ink.

I then went back and did some light green drybrushing highlights on the foliage.  I also painted the remaining mushrooms with GW “Blood Red” and added little white dots.  The eyes I painted with Apple Barrel “Maple Syrup”, and then gave them black pupils with tiny white highlight dots.

When everything had dried overnight, I painted the whole figure with Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish”, and then when dry, I flocked the base.   Finally when the base had had time to dry, I sprayed the figure with Testor’s “Dullcoat”

All in all, a neat looking sculpt that really comes to life with some quick and easy painting.  The flora growing on him is so splotchy and jumbled, It’s easy to paint and pops nicely with the brown wash.

Figure 41 of 265: Complete

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