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On federal holidays, Dave usually comes down from Aberdeen and we run around BWI airport (12.5 miles).  It gives us a chance to talk politics and gaming while getting a workout.  For me it’s a long run, but for Dave it’s a short run.  Today, being Veteran’s Day, Dave and I ran the airport.

Along the way we talked about our Napoleonic 1814 scenario book and the WWII skirmish rules.  Dave hit on a great idea for squad and team leaders.  I was saying that I thought the ranges were too short for weapons  in the WWII skirmish game.  I cut the max effective ranges in half one because you can’t usually see to max effective range on the battlefield and then cut them in half again because people tend to be excited on a battlefield.  Dave suggested that a good role for the team and squad leaders might be that they reduce the range modifier for shooting by one band if the squad leader is not shooting but is instead directing fire.  (In BAPS I did something similar.)  This idea led down a path of what other things the squad leaders could do.  For instance, if the squad leader is firming his weapon, he probably can’t swap activation dice.  The idea its hat the squad should be rewarded when the squad leader is leading his squad instead of firing his weapon.  I have a lot to think about during tomorrow’s run, but I am excited about this.

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