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No town should be without its “crazy cat lady,” and now, thanks to Chris, my town of Granville that I use for pulp games has one.

Completed "division" of Napoleonic Polish

Completed “division” of Napoleonic Polish

I recently purchased a large number of painted 10mm Napoleonic figures.  I don’t typically purchase painted figures, but this was a really good deal.  Most of the figures were Old Glory, which is the manufacturer I’ve been using mostly for this project.  They were painted as well or slightly better than I do myself.  I have already based, labelled, and flocked the French forces.  I have assembled III and V Corps from 1805-7.  I now have enough additional French line infantry and artillery for almost an entire third corps.  What would be missing is some light cavalry and light infantry.  This past weekend I finally got around to pawing through the box of Polish figures and found that I could assemble a small division, consisting of two infantry brigades, a cavalry brigade, and two guns.

Sixteen battalions of Russian grenadiers in progress

Sixteen battalions of Russian grenadiers in progress

This weekend I also dry brushed the base green color on sixteen battalions of Russian grenadiers.  That seems like a lot of grenadiers, but it turns out that the Russian VIII corps in 1812 had an entire division of grenadiers.  I am painting the VII and VIII Russian corps.  Once I complete these infantry, I will have completed both corps.  In the painted collection there are enough line infantry to make a third corps, but again, it will be short on guns and cavalry.

Chariot men

Chariot men

In late January JJ is going to be hosting a chariot race game with 54mm Marx recasts.  I got six chariots from Ed of Two Hour Wargames.  I just started painting them this weekend.  I started with the riders, as they will take the longest to paint.  The horses and chariots will be mostly spray painting and dry brushing.  There is not a lot of detail on these figures, and the detail is not molded very deeply.  I find these figures much more difficult to paint than 28mm figures.

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