Duncan Adams’ WWI Look, Sarge, No Charts Game


This weekend a bunch of us met at War Horse Farm in Gettysburg, PA, for a gaming day hosted by Sam Fuson.  One of the games we played was a WWI adaptation of the Look, Sarge, No Charts family of rules by Duncan Adams.  He has used ideas from the WWII and ACW sets and added some interesting ideas of his own.  It is a very effective combination for early WWI games.  (It may also work for later in the war, but Duncan has only run early war games.

In the scenario, the French were advancing to capture the town you see in this picture.  Some of the Germans were defending the town, while others were coming to their aid.

Duncan has come up with an interesting concept for representing rolling terrain.  See all the “hills?”  The tops of those hills are actually the base level of the terrain, with the gaps representing gullies and depressions.  It really worked well!

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