Scrap Yard, First Doctor & Companions

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Taking advantage of the weekend leading up to last Monday’s snow day, I put the finishing touches on the “I.M. Schlegel” scrap yard for my Cold Wars game.

The yard itself consists of a square of plasticard coated with a layer of brown, textured spray paint, and the fences are made from craft sticks dry brushed with several shades of brown/beige paint.

The pipes in the background are based on a shaped piece of plasticard that was coated with textured white craft paint before the entire thing was primed black. I found that the plain textured paint worked just as well, if not better than the far more expensive versions that Games Workshop sells. 

A bit anachronistic for 1964, but the wrecked car is a plaster cast made a few years ago at an HMGS Hobby University session, all in all, I think it painted up pretty good. I still plan to make a few more wrecks out of the otherwise-useless vehicles that come with Plasticville buildings.

The name on the sign is an homage to the “I.M. Foreman – Scrap Merchant” sign seen in the first William Hartnell episode back in 1963, which would appear again during the tenures of the 6th, 7th and ultimately during the 50th anniversary special last year.

Now, most of the Doctor Who games I ran featured the David Tennant, Tom Baker, or Matt Smith Doctor’s, but I felt it was time to give old “Billy” a chance to shine again, so I painted up the Black Tree Design’s versions of the 1st Doctor, his granddaughter Susan and original companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright.

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