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Some months ago Hinterland released additional figures in the line of female hussars and sailors.  At the time, the budget wouldn’t permit an order, but a month or so ago, I finally got around to ordering them.  This weekend, I finished painting the figures.

The picture (above) shows the female sailor pom-pom crew.  The crew is just three figures, the officer in pith helmet, the gunner, and the woman carrying another box of ammunition.  The fourth figure in the background is a sailor from one of the earlier releases and is not part of the crew.

This picture shows the artillery crew.  The crew does come with a gun.  Most of us have extra guns sitting around that can be conscripted into service.  Now my female hussar force has some organic, heavy support.

Princess Celeste

Princess Celeste

The princess is quite proud of her unit!

The female hussar unit is not just a bunch or pretty faces, suitable only for parade duty.  They have had a good record on the tabletop in GASLIGHT games.  In addition, they are early adopters of “modern” technology.  In this picture you can see the only non-female member of the regiment, the robotic hussar armed with a Maxim-like weapon.

In these two pictures you can see the entire force, including their new support weapons, self-propelled armored coaches, close air support, and mounted forces (both on horses and on raptor-looking “Death Jaws”).

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