Completed Magister Millitum Figures


As mentioned in a previous post, we have been working with Magister Millitum on a cross promotion of their new, exciting line of fantasy figures and our new, exciting rule book:  Bear Yourselves Valiantly (

The picture above is of figures that are actually from their ancient figure lines.  These are listed under both the ancient codes and the fantasy codes.  They are referred to as Han Chu halbardiers and Classica heavy infantry.

These are two different groups of bowmen.

The cavalry comes with 12 figures in a pack.  For the knights, I thought that ten figures were enough and used two of the figures as commanders.

I’m not normally a pike and shot gamer, so I thought this pose of the pikemen with their pikes over their shoulders was really neat.

And here are examples of more esoteric creatures.

We will be getting together on Saturday to shoot the photos for the rule book.

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