GASLIGHT Undersea Extravaganza Game Wins Award at NASHCON

Chris Palmer This past weekend the HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers) made a road trip down to the NASHCON gaming convention near Nashville, TN, to host over a dozen games. The big showcase game on our line-up was a 12 player GASLIGHT Undersea Extravaganza, using figures, vehicles, and beasties from both Buck Surdu’s and my collections.  We arrived at the convention hotel late Thursday night after a 12 hour drive from Maryland, and were up early Friday to unpack our van and set up for our midday games.  The Extravaganza was slated to run during the Saturday night game slot.

Buck and I with our award.

   We set up the game with four factions, a human exploration party, Fishmen, Atlanteans, and a “Bad Guy” human party.  Each team had it’s own list of objectives such as, Loot the Atlantean Temple, Steal secrets from the crashed submarine, destroy the exploration party’s power plant, etc..
  We were pleased to get 10 folks signed up for the game, ranging from young to old.  After Buck gave a rules brief things got underway.  The action was fast and furious, and there was lots of carnage,  and cantankerous vehicles to content with; and of course, laughter, cheers, and groans of frustration when things didn’t go according to plan.   Everyone seemed to have a great time, including Buck and I, and we had many passers-by stop and comment on the uniqueness and coolness of the game.  Most of all, we were pleasantly surprised when the folks from awarded us a Superior Game Presentation Award for our time slot.
 Below are some photos of the action.

Buck briefing the rules.

A view of the action early in the game.

A group of divers falls upon some Fishmen who were  in the process of looting the sunken pirate ship.

The Fishmen’s Giant Octopus attacks the Atlanteans Underwater Walker.

An Atlantean Ray Lancer attempts to hit one of the Exploration Party’s Attack Subs with a spar torpedo.

General chaos ensues around the wrecked submarine.  In the lower left of the photo, you can see that the Octopus has managed to topple the Walker and is now scuffling with a unit of Atlanteans.

Units from the Exploration Party carry valuable artifacts away from the Atlantean Temple.

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