Janan, Female Dragon Slayer: Figure 107 of 265

Chris Palmer

     I was able to complete another figure this week.  The figure, Janan, Female Dragon Slayer, was another from the 30 New Bones Set that I was not entirely happy with.  I use my figures for gaming, not displaying, and having a figure who’s standing on a large dragon head  just looks odd on the gaming table.  What’s she supposed to be doing; dragging the head around as she battles?  And so, after my success with the High Wizard last week, I decided to give Janan the statue treatment as well.
     I  had prepped this figure a while back in the usual way; soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying.  I also had sprayed it with the Krylon with Fusion Flat Black back when I was still using spray primer.  To help with the statue look  I dug around and found an old toy kaleidoscope piece, that I had stuck away in a box of bits and pieces for scratch building, to use as the pedestal.  I glued a 1” red-brown primed fender washer to the top to cover the hole in the plastic tube, and a 1.5 inch fender washer to the bottom for a base, both E6000 glue.

      I then sprayed the pedestal construction flat black, and glued the figure on top of it with Aleene’s Tacky glue. I let this dry and then glued the whole assembly to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of Elmer’s white glue.

     I began by painting the figure with Ceramcoat “Bronze”

     I then used my unidentified Free-Sample Reaper paint (“Surf Aqua”, maybe), slightly thinned and with a pin head drop of dish soap in it, and coated the whole figure with it.  When that was dry I painted the pedestal with Folk Art “Medium Gray”.

     When the “Medium Grey” was dry, I gave the entire pedestal a wash with thinned black ink.  When the black ink was dry, I drybushed the gray with  Duncan “Slate Grey”.  Lastly, I painted the washer with Americana “Mississippi Mud”.    After everything had time to dry, I painted the entire thing with Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish”.  The following day I sprayed the figure with Testor’s Dullcote

     I think it turned out okay, but I’m not as pleased with this statue as I was with the High Wizard one.  I feel the pedestal came out a little too large and monolithic.  Unfortunately, due to the large diameter of the figure’s inherent base, I was forced to use such a large diameter pedestal.  Still it will make a nice addition to a village’s center square.

Figure 107 of 265: Complete

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