Finished up some stuff early this morning


Last weekend I began working on some 28mm WWII figures.  When I started working on GAMER, I found that I didn’t have the right figures to make correct squads.  I had lots of men with submachine guns, because I got them to fight giant ants in a pulp game.  So a couple of conventions ago, I purchased a bunch of figures with rifles and BARs.

The whole mob

The whole mob

This morning I put on the finishing touches and flocked them.  I wanted to have these done it time for Fall In.

Some fantasy buildings

Some months ago, Chris and I made a bunch of fantasy buildings for our 10mm Bear Yourselves Valiantly projects (white and blue building in the foreground).  Chris noticed that tops of Tropicana orange juice looked like they might be arenas or larger buildings.  I’ve been tinkering with them, but finally finished them this morning.

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