Dollar Tree “Tombstone Corner” Gargoyles Painted

Chris Palmer    I had time this week to paint the Gargoyles I recently purchased from the Dollar Tree’s new line of Halloween scenery. See my post here for more details.   I bought two sets, one to use for 28mm gaming, and one to use with my 10mm armies.

For the 28mm ones, I mounted them individually on washers, and painted them in a stone-like paint scheme.

They are shown below with a Reaper Paladin for a sense of scale.

The ones for 10mm, I painted as demons in a red color scheme.

Below they are shown with some 10mm skeletons for a sense of scale.

  Overalll, they are not too bad.  The sculpting is a little rough, but hey, they were only a $1 so I can’t complain.  The other problem is that their facial expressions tend towards the “cute”, which I found hard to disguise with paint.

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