South Polenburg Enters the War

Chris Palmer Readers of my blog may remember that last year I started a project to recreate in 10mm the 40mm Imagi-Nation forces of my North Polenburg country. See here for more on that.  The goal had been to create armies suitable for using with the “Look, Sarge, No Charts” family of rules.  I had hoped that more of my club-mates might join in and and do their Imagi-Nations in 10mm as well, but so far interest has been small, with only Buck Surdu participating in the project.  So, I realized I would need to build more forces on my own in order to have enough to play games with.

The first Brigade under General Adelie. The Emperor’s Regt. in the center, with the 3rd Regt. on the right in the photo, and the 2nd “Chinstrap” Regt. on he left in the photo.

I therefore decided that I would start mirroring my North Polenburg armies with the creation of her counterpart, South Polenburg’s, forces.  The logic being that South Polenburg could act as both an ally to her northern sister, or as a break-away enemy, depending on the needs of the game.

This week I completed the South Polenburg 1st Brigade.  When considering the theme I was going to use for this army, the obvious idea that hit me was to go with a South Pole motif; so the Infantry uniforms are penguin based, as are the unit and officer names. The artillery uniform resembles the color of sea elephants or walruses.  For the South Polenburg flags, I decided to use the negative image of the North Polenburg flag’s star motif.

The General with the Emperor’s Regt. , and the 1st South Polenburg Battery

My plan is now to complete a second brigade so I ill have a full division, and paint a cavalry brigade as well.

The South Polenburg Emperor’s Regiment, on the left, shown with the North Polenburg Queen Jennifer Regiment on the right. Photo taken during a time of alliance between the two countries. 🙂

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