Dollar Tree Bubble Microphone 6mm/10mm/15mm Terrain: Part Two

Chris Palmer Those of you who read my blog will remember that a couple weeks ago I posted an article (Click Here)  about some nifty microphone shaped bubble-wands I found in the toy aisle while on a trip to the local Dollar Tree store.  I thought the tops had good possibility to be converted into some sort of sci-fi building for my upcoming 10mm sci-fi project.  Perhaps storage tanks, or a communications center of some kind

And, so I came up with these, seen in the photo below, which were the subject of the article I linked to above. When I shared these constructions on The Minaitures Page  someone asked if I had done anything with the handle parts.  I hadn’t, and in fact had tossed them into the recycle bin, seeing only the tops as being useful.

The question, though, became something of a challenge to me and was a bee in my bonnet. So, it wasn’t long before I rescued the handles from the bin and pondered their usefulness. I immediately got the idea of some sort of towers.  So I sat down at my work table, and after a little cutting and gluing, came up with this:

The central piece is a left over part from the oxygen apparatus when my Dad was in the hospital a few years ago, and had been tossed into my parts bin.   I thought it would make a nice central unit for my two towers.

I think it turned out really nice, and am pleased with the addition to my 10mm Sci-Fi scenery.

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