HAWKs’ BARRAGE XVIII Con a Huge Success!

Chris Palmer This past Saturday the HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers) hosted their one-day gaming convention, BARRAGE XVIII.  The event, held at the Community Center in Havre De Grace, Maryland, was a huge success with record attendance and a full slate of beautiful games to choose from.
  Here’s some photos of the action.

An overview of the hall.

Bill Molyneaux’s Little Big Horn Plains-War game.

One of several beautiful Musket & Tomahawks demo tables that ran throughout the con.

A well attended Flames of War tournament was also held during the con.

There were several flea-market dealers to get bargins from.

And a number of dealers attended offering the latest in rules and figures.

As always, the friendly snack bar staff  provided food for the players throughout the day

Buck Surdu’s G.A.M.E.R. WWII skirmish game

Duncan Adams’ “Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWI” game.

Greg Priebe’s “Battle of Cananry Wharf”  Dr Who game.

    For more pictures of the con see the HAWKs Blog.

    After the con was over, the club celebrated by holding their first ever live-action wargame using the “Blood & Swash” Pirate skirmish rules.  A “tavern” was set up in the hall using the game tables, with drink coozies for beer mugs, and paper plates for dishes.  Armed with foam swords and Nerf guns, the Pirates tried to be the first to carry a treasure chest out of the tavern. The more dressed up in costume you were the better ranked your character got to be. Much hilarity ensued and all had a great time.  It was the perfect way to end the day.

Buck Surdu briefs the rules to all the Scurvy Dogs.

Rob Dean does his best attacking-figure pose, as Sammy Surdu draws her sword.

    For more photos of the club’s LAWG (Live Action War Game), see the HAWK’s Blog.

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