Trolls Snacking on Captives: Mage Knight Figure to 10mm Monster Conversion

Chris Palmer      In the flea market at Barrage (our club’s one-day gaming convention) a couple weeks ago, I found a pair of old Mage Knight figures called “Half-Troll Gorger”.  The figure is of a large troll-ish creature taking a bite from a piece of meat it holds clenched in one of it’s hands.  I noticed the piece of meat was shaped vaguely like a little person, with a head and an arm.  The spark immediately went off in my brain; that it would be a quick and easy conversion to cut off that piece of meat, and actually replace it with  10mm figure to make a cool new unit for my 10mm “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” armies.   For you 15mm gamers, I think a 15mm figure would do the trick nicely too.

The base models

     So I took the pair of figures home, and began the process. I popped the figures from their clicky bases with an hobby knife, and then easily sliced the meat from their hands.  I then rummaged in my box of spare figures from my 10mm War of the Roses project, and found a couple suitable figures to chop up.  One was an archer, and the other a charging figure with wide spread legs. After cutting them down, I made sure they fitted nicely on top of the trolls’ hands so the arm of one, and the leg of the other, lined up with the trolls’ mouths. I then glued them in place with some super glue.

Converted with 10mm captives added to their hands.

      When the glue holding the half-figures had dried, I sprayed the trolls flat black, glued them to a BYV sized base, and repainted them.
      I’m really pleased with how these turned out. I think they make a nice characterful stand of monsters for use with any evil army.

The finished figures

A close up of the captives

Shown battling a unit of 10mm Elves

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