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Chris Palmer I was only able to get up to Fall-In for a short while this year, arriving Friday afternoon, and leaving Saturday afternoon.  Here are some shots I took of games being run in the HAWKs room.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of photos, as I was busy running my own games both Friday night (Battle of Five Armies) and Saturday morning (Warring Roses in the Mist [War of the Roses]).
    Fall-In marked the official release of our “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” rules for fantasy, ancients and medieval mass combat.  The release was a big success with our publisher, On Military Matters, selling out of all he copies they brought to the con.

Buck Surdu, at far end of table, running his Friday midday Napoleonic game, The Battle of Teugn-Hausen, using “Fate of Battle” rules and 10mm figures

Another shot of Teugn-Hausen

Dave Wood, in blue shirt, running his Friday afternoon 25mm Fantasy game, The Dragon’s Treasure, using our newly released , “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” (BYV) rules.

My Friday evening Battle of Five Armies game using 10mm figures and the BYV rules.

Saturday morning I ran a War of the Roses game, Warring Roses in the Mist, based on the Battle of Barnet, using 10mm figures and BYV rules. 

Midday Saturday, Buck Surdu ran a 25mm WWII skirmish game, Commandos at Dawn, using his under-development G.A.M.E.R. rules. The game mat was supplied by Cigar Box Battles

Germans sneak up on a farm house in Buck’s Commandos at Dawn game.

All day Saturday, Dave Wood was running demo games of Fate of Battle and BYV using his collection of beautiful old-school 25mm figures. Here is explain the rules for Fate of Battle. 

Due to a lot of interest in Dave’s demo games, Geoff Graff stepped in and helped Dave run a BYV demo for a group of Boy Scouts.

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