10mm Terrain Bits at Michael’s Craft Store


Items in a "Toob" at Michael's Craft Store

Items in a “Toob” at Michael’s Craft Store

This weekend, I found one of the “Toobs” at Michael’s that I thought had use in a 10mm ancient or fantasy game.  It is a set of famous world landmarks.    The ones shown on the right of the picture will fit nicely on a built-up area on the table.  The ones on the left are probably not usable.  Big Ben is in the gray area.

from Buck’s Blog http://ift.tt/1AJ9N1g
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1rkynwW

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3 thoughts on “10mm Terrain Bits at Michael’s Craft Store

  1. You should cut the Statue of Liberty in half and put it on a base as if buried in sand (Planet of the Apes style) for LSNC Sci-Fi terrain

  2. Chris or Buck, I have more available ACW figures. The bulk are unpainted. Several hundred is my estimate. I am looking for a way to get these to you from Chantilly. Possibly a member or friend of the club who lives near or travels to Game Parlor. Please let me know if this is doable. Thanks.

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