More 10mm Fantasy Figures Knocked Out


No pictures today, sorry.

I haven’t been ready to start a new project recently.  Nothing has jumped out at me lately, and I have a lot of projects that haven’t been put on the table lately.  Games I want to run in the foreseeable future are:

  • My weird WWII game with Germans on pterodactyls, Americans on giant eagles, and Brits on griffons.  I still have a little work to do on the griffons and the German “bomber” before this is ready to put on the table.
  • A Robin Hood game to try out Howard Whitehouse’s Outlaws of Sherwood rules.
  • I haven’t had my French and Indian War stuff on the table in a while, and I am just about done painting all the Acheson Creations terrain from their Kickstarter project.
  • I haven’t put my Mexican American War figures on the table in a long time.
  • I have been collecting Plasticville buildings to flesh out my town of Granville for some pulp gaming.
  • I haven’t had my cowboys on the table in quite a while.
  • I haven’t run a Victorian science fiction game in a long time.
  • I haven’t put the zombies on the table in a while either.

So with all those projects ready to play or nearly ready to play, I haven’t felt compelled to start a new project.  So, I have I have been whittling down my unpainted lead mountain.  (Actually compared to most gamers, my unpainted lead mountain is more of a mole hill.)  Two weeks ago I pulled the last of the Battle of Five Armies figures out of their hiding place and began painting them.  I have recently finished another 12 bases of goblins, some giant spiders, flocking bats, and giant bears as well.  I also primed and mounted on popsicle sticks several sets of Copplestone 10mm figures that I bought from RLBPS a couple of years ago.  The orcs, half orcs, and goblins are on the painting desk along with two units of 28mm plastic British I will paint for the Northwest Frontier.

While there is no danger of this occurring in the near future, I am really whittling away at the unpainted lead.

This winter my daughter and I are going to finish repainting a bunch of Plasticville and Litko buildings and also work on our stores for the club zombie shopping mall game.

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