Battleground WWII Games at Historicon 2014

Here are a couple shots from the Battleground games I hosted at Historicon 2014.  Unfortunately, I usually get too caught up in the games and forget to take pictures.  The three linked scenarios were from the Skirmish Campaign series and focused on the fighting around Haut Vents (near St Lo) July 1944.  All three games were played on the same table.  Destroyed vehicles remained on the table from game to game.

 A view from the German defenders point of view from a top Haut Vents.
A view from the attacking American point of view.

The three linked scenarios represented the initial American attack, the German counter-attack, and the American counter-counter-attack.

 A recon element enters the fray and runs into a German Flakvierling
 A panzerfaust in ambush takes out an American halftrack and half of the squad it was carrying.
 During the second scenario, elements of Panzer Lehr push forward to blunt the American attack.
 American infantry deploys.
 In the third scenario, American armor drives hard towards the objective……
 …..and runs into the awaiting German armor.
Supporting American artillery scatters wildly off target and hits friendly units as well as the enemy.
The final American assault on the objective at the summit of Haut Vents.

Overall a great series of games that were enjoyed by both sides.  But running three games back to back on the same day (9 am – 11 pm) while rewarding was really exhausting.

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