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A sheet of new labels on die-cut label paper

A sheet of new labels on die-cut label paper

The Look, Sarge, No Charts family of rules uses special dice to take the place of chart cards.  During development of the first set of rules, Look, Sarge, No Charts: World War II, I used wooden cubes from a craft store for play testing.  Those cubes are a little smaller than the blank dice that you can buy.  I have been using the store-bought blank dice, but I haven’t updated the size of the labels.

Side-by-side comparison of the original dice and the new labels

Side-by-side comparison of the original dice and the new labels

At Fall In a couple of weeks back, the guy who works at the “Dice Lady” booth mentioned that there are die-cut labels that fit the dice.  I found them from On Line Labels.  The company tries to sell you a proprietary software package to make labels that requires periodic updating (and fees).  They also have a template that works with Microsoft Word.  It took several hours (and a call to the On Line Labels help desk) to reformat the labels for Bear Yourselves Valiantly and Fate of Battle.  Previously I have been printing the slightly smaller ones on full sheets of sticky labor paper and then cutting them out, one at a time.  With the newer pre cut labels, once they are printed, they can be easily peeled and stuck onto the blank dice.

From the picture above, you can see that the new labels are slightly larger.  This has allowed me to increase the point size of the fonts by one or two points, making the labels much easier to read.

Comparison of an old and new set of dice

Comparison of an old (bottom) and new (top) sets of dice for Bear Yourselves Valiantly

While these are much easier to use than the .pdf files that I have posted to several Web page, I am very hesitant to post these new labels.  The Internet has create a worldwide culture of people who expect others’ intellectual property to be given away for free and will complain and kvetch in public forum when free stuff isn’t perfect.  With these new labels, you have to move them every so slightly left or right on the page to account for slight variations in printers.  That amount of effort will surely illicit complaints on TMP and inquiries into the nature of my parentage.  I’ll make labels available to my co-authors, but I probably won’t make them available to the general public.

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