Warriors Brave: A Toy Soldier Christmas Tale – Part 3

Chris Palmer The last two weeks, I presented the first two parts of one of my favorite Christmas books I have in my collection. It is a vintage children’s story about toy soldiers coming to life on Christmas Eve.  Though there is no publication date, it is inscribed on the title page, “Roger Hill 1926”. One of my blog readers researched a little further, and found the publication date to probably be closer to 1910.  It is a small volume, measuring only 5” x 4.5”.
  It is interesting to note that the artist had some knowledge of the toy soldiers he drew, as many of the poses pictured are very similar to a variety of semi-round lead soldiers that were available at the time. These were often cast by small manufacturers, or Mom & Pop dime store owners, from commercially available German molds, and sold individually or in boxed sets.
    I am ran the story in three parts, with the first part two weeks ago, the second part last week, and the third part today.
You can find the first part here: Warriors Brave: Part 1
And the second part here: Warriors Brave: Part 2
So, on with the the final installment of the “Warriors Brave”.  When we left off, the Indians had launched a brazen attack on the “Blue Coats,” only to be beaten back by heavy rifle fire, and retreated back towards their camp in Part 1. After regrouping, in Part 2 a pair of Braves went in search of provisions and supplies, to keep the Indians warm in their camp, when the two Braves happened upon some “Bluecoats” and their limber…
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      And so concludes our exciting tale of the “Warriors Brave”.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Also, I’d like to say, “Merry Christmas!” to all my readers out there in blog-land! I hope you have a happy and safe holiday season.

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