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At Fall In 2014, Recreational Conflict sold this MDF building.  It is for their line of figures for British football hooligan games.  I guess the game has been deemed as offensive in the UK for portraying football violence as a game.  So gassing thousands of folks on the Western Front is okay, but beating up a few people at a soccer game is not.  Anyway, Recreational Conflict has two buildings.  This is one that I finished today.

This kit went together easily — even without instructions — and painted easily.  I don’t know the manufacturer, but it wasn’t pre-painted like the 4Ground ones.  That’s just as well, because I could paint the exposed tabs in the same color as the rest of the building to avoid that look of the 4Ground buildings.

The roof comes off.  I plan to add this to the park in my town (Granville) I use for pulp games.

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