Rangers Lead the Way

I finished painting up two units of Rangers for Muskets and Tomahawks.  They are from the British Wilderness Force set (North Star Figures) and had been “aging” in my lead pile since NashCon 2013 (I shall paint no lead before its time!).  They turned out to be easier to paint then I had expected – nice casting.  Their Indian allies are next.

A force of Rangers
The other part of the Ranger force

The Ranger Captain

I also put together a New France Settler’s Lofted Log Cabin 4 from 4Ground.  It went together as easily as the other four 4Ground buildings I have – no problems.

An exterior view

An interior view of the first floor

An interior view of the second floor

from Wargaming Notes http://ift.tt/1Drr0Of
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1AOiOFn

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  1. We have played several times with our gaming group and I have run a couple of convention games. I think the game plays very well. Was never really interested in the period until I played M&T.

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