10mm North Polenburg Hussars Completed for LSNQSYW Project

Chris Palmer This week I completed the 34th Hussar Regiment for my 10mm North Polenburg Imagi-Nation Army.  This is for a force I started based on a long standing club project, started by Rob Dean and myself, called the Not Quite the Seven Years War (NQSYW), in which members of the HAWKs created forces for their own 18th century Imagi-Nations using homecast 40mm figures.  I decided last year to do an offshoot project in 10mm for use with our “Look, Sarge, No Charts” series of rules…a little project I call Look, Sarge, its Not Quite the Seven Years War. (LSNQSYW) 🙂  (See this blog entry for more information on the project, and some photos of the rest of the 10mm North Polenburg Army.)

The North Polenburg 34th Hussars ready for action.

The regiment shown with one of their NQSYW 40mm counterparts.

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