Muskets & Tomahawks in Abingdon

Sunday I stopped by Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, MD for a game of Muskets & Tomahawks – part of an ongoing effort to bring historical gaming to those who only know the Games Workshop universe.

A force of Canadians was raiding into British territory with the intent to kill or drive off some settlers (The Slaughter mission).  A force of British regulars were nearby and deployed to protect the settlement (The Protection mission).

Remnants of the Highlanders fire at some Canadians in the wood line

Canadians units return fire, killing3 British soldiers and routing the rest

The battle swung back and forth….first the Canadians routed a unit, then the British routed a Canadian unit.  Ultimately, the Canadians drove the British from the field and razed the settlement.

Unfortunately, I usually forget to take pictures.  The game generated some interest but not sure I gained any recruits….this time.  The Saga game Jim and I ran last weekend did result in a couple of players purchasing Saga armies.

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