A Little Celebration!

Chris Palmer

  Just wanted to pass along a couple bits of celebratory news here at the “All Bones About It” blog. First, this week the blog reached it’s 50,000 view! So I wanted to pass along my thanks to all those who have stopped by and visited over the past couple years; and a special thanks to those of you who liked what you saw and hung around for frequent visits. 🙂
Secondly, I just recieved notice today that my Wave 6 Bones II box has been shipped. So look for those figures to start salting their way into the mix in the weeks ahead!

Hi there!  We’re shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

You’re getting:
Expansion Set 1 x1
Dragons Don’t Share x1
Mashaaf, Great Old One x1
Water Elementals x1
Mouslings x1*
2013 Core Set x1

  *The Mouslings were ordered for a friend, so I won’t be painting those.

via All Bones About It http://ift.tt/1wsI9oZ
from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1E170CG

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