Cold Wars Saturday Games in the HAWKs Room

Chris Palmer It was busy from morning to night in the HAWKs room Saturday at Cold Wars.  In between my GM duties, I was able to get some shots of some of the other games going on in the room.  For reports on the “Battle of Paris, 1814” game and the “Battle of the Elven Capitol” game I was involved in, see Paris and Elves.

An overview of the room Saturday morning.

David Schlegel (in red hat) running his “Incident at Schlegel’s Gulch” Wild West game using “Blood & Swash” rules

Duncan Adams (in maroon shirt) helps a player during his “West Bank at New Orleans, 1815” game using “Wellington Rules”.

A close-up of the New Orleans game, as British try to storm the American positions.

Kevin Fischer’s (in blue shirt) “Mobile Suit Gundam” game using “Mobile Suit Combat” rules

Norman Dean (pointing) explains an objective to a player at the start of his  Scarlet Pmpernel game using “They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There” rules 

Another shot of the Scarlet Pimpernel game.

Eric Schlegel  (in black baseball hat) running his “Everyone Comes to Schlegel’s Ferry” game using  GASLIGHT rules.

Sam Fusion (in black and gray sweater) giving the rules brief before his “Dan’l Boone to the Rescue” game using “Muskets and Tomahawks” rules. 

During a lull in the action around dinner time Sam Fusion presented several of the HAWKs with thank -you awards, including battalion challenge coins and battalion mugs, from the 114th Signal Battalion for the HAWKs’ efforts in providing annual SLPD events for the battalion’s Officers, Senior NCO’s and Senior Civilian Leaders. For more info on the most recent HAWKs SLPD efforts, see SLPD

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