Cold Wars Saga Game

Jim GM’d his first convention Friday night at Cold Wars 2015.  Judging from how much fun the players had, it was a great success.

The village of Lower Uncton – peaceful looking

 Two of the players were West Point Cadets; part of a group down for the weekend.  The others were a mixture of experienced and novice Saga players.

Jim briefing the players

The basic scenario involved a Saxon Lord and allies (Normans and Irish) visiting a village to collect his yearly tribute.  Coincidently, a group of Viking and Danes were visiting the same village to collect plunder.  Each war lord had their own side missions to complete – they did not always compliment the overall goal of each side.

The Anglo-Danes move towards the village

The lead Viking and the Danes moved into the village.  The Vikings looting and the Danes pillaging (burning everything in sight).  The Saxons and Irish moved to engage.

The Irish move to intercept the Danes

On the other side of the village, the Normans engaged on of the Viking war bands in an extended series of battles, preventing the Viking from looting any of the building.

Norman cavalry engaged Viking raiders

The Saxons countered the other Viking war band in a series of pitched engagements.  While his troops were engaged with the Vikings, the Saxon Lord rescued several chests of tribute.

The Danes thrashed the Irish for a while until the two warlords got close enough to talk.  They then negotiated a truce – the Danes would kill and burn and the Irish could steal the loot.  The Dane also took an opportunity to kill the Viking leader when he was found separated from his men.

The Danes have gone crazy burning and pillaging through the village.  In the upper left corner you can see a lone Viking running away with some loot.

In the end the Saxon side triumphed by scoring more victory points then the Vikings.  A couple war bands were completely decimated.

Jim and his players celebrating a great game

Jim is already looking forward to running another scenario at Historicon 2015.

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