10mm Pendraken Lizardmen Units

Chris Palmer      This past week I completed some more units for my planned 10mm Lizardman Army for “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” mass combat fantasy rules.  Some of my readers will remember that a few weeks ago I posted the Giant Turtles that were the first Lizardman units I painted.
   So far, I did three stands of spear-armed troops, one of archers, and a Battlegroup leader, Wing Commander, and a Shaman.  Next up I hope to finish some cavalry and other assorted troops.

Three spear wielding Warbands and one of archers

The Wing Commander on his personal war-turtle “Pooky”, a Battlegroup leader with banner, and a wise old shaman 

A close up of the regal Wing Commander

Battlegroup leader


Spear close-up….

..and archers.

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