Another Armies-For-Kids Painting Day and G.A.M.E.R Sci-Fi Game

Chris Palmer      This past weekend, the HAWKs once again got together to work on painting figures for this year’s 40mm ACW Armies-For-Kids project.   We are closing in on having all the figures necessary finished up.  And just in time, with Historicon only a couple months away.

    This year the figures were donated by Maynard Creel,  Ed Mohrman, Keven Pinder, and Phil Kearnan.  Phil, also painted a large number of the ones donated by Ed Mohrmann.

   After we had spent the morning painting, we set up a game for the afternoon.  We decided to try using Buck Surdu’s under-development G.A.M.E.R. skirmish rules with Buck’s and my Sci-Fi figure collections; including ones from the Reaper Bones I Kickstarter, that we had both recently painted.

My command: Reaper NOVA Corp figures and Void 1.1 Viridians, with a Viridian machine gun team for support.  

  It was a real mish-mash of figures with our Reaper Bones (NOVA Corp and IMEF Force0, Buck’s Colonial Marines, and my Void 1.1 stuff.   I was teamed up with Eric, and Buck was teamed with Dave.  While we had a tank for support, Dave and Buck’s side had some anti-tank weapons.  We threw some terrain on the table, creating a sort of small industrial compound for us to fight over, and got to it.

The enemy approaches the compound: Buck’s Reaper figures

   At first our tank dominated the battlefield doing serious damage to Buck’s forces, but he was eventually able to manuver his anti-tank soldier into a position where she could get a bead on Eric’s vehicle.  After a couple misses, she finally scored a hit and destroyed the vehicle.

My first fireteam makes the fence as my second moves up to support.  At the bottom of the shot, my machine gun  team can be seen moving to flank through the woods.  One of Eric’s fireteams can be seen in their position in the rubble at the left-hand side of the compound.

   With the tank gone, Eric and I began to take heavy fire, and our squads were becoming badly worn down.  Fierce fighting broke out in the compound.  It looked bad for us, just as Duncan arrived with a reinforcing unit, and I was able to maneuver a small group onto Dave’s flank. These two factors turned the tide back in our favor.

Fierce fighting in the compound. My sergeant, having charged into hand-to-hand combat, loses the fight and can be seen face down in a pool of toxic sludge near the center bottom of the shot.

   In the end, Eric, Duncan, and I held the compound, and Dave and Buck did not have the remaining strength to dislodge us.  It was a fun little battle, with some fiercely tense firefights.

A view from my position in the compound as Eric and I attempt to clear the last remaining enemy soldiers from inside the fence.

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