28mm Frog God Idols

Chris Palmer   A few years ago, while on a trip, I found these little carved wood frog toys in a gift shop.  They came with a stick in their mouth, and when you rubbed the stick up and down their ridged back the frogs made a croaking sound.  I thought their primitive hand-carved style would be perfect for use with my 28mm Frog armies from Eureka.  However, I stuck them in a draw to be worked on at a later date and forgot about them.  I came across them this passed weekend, and thought it was about time I finished this languishing project.
    I had long since got rid of their rubbing sticks, but needed to deal with their large holes in their mouths where the sticks had been stored.  So, I used some epoxy putty to fill the holes and set them aside to dry.

You cans see one of  the large holes in the frog on the left.  The one of the right has been filled.

    I then cut a pair of old computer discs into rough oval shapes, and glued the frogs to them with Tacky glue.  When the glue was dry, I sprayed them with flat black spray paint.

    After the spray paint dried, I drybrushed the frogs in shades of gray paint.  When the paint was dry, I flocked the based, and then sprayed them with clear matte Krylon.

Shown with one of my 28mm Frog warriors from Eureka Miniatures

     I’m pleased with how these came out, and they were so quick and simple to finish up I’m mad I waited so long to get to them.  Surely, with the frog gods now on my side, my frog armies will be invincible!

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