Large Water Elemental: Bones II Figure

Chris Palmer

  This week I also completed the Large Water Elemental from the Bones II Water Elementals Add-On Option.
       I prepped the figure in the usual way; soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish- soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying.   I then glued the figure to a 2" brown-primed (It was brown because it was left over from another project and was the only washer I had on hand that would fit this large figure.) fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue. I didn’t need to glue the washer to a tongue depressor as it was big enough to hold easily in my hand while painting.

     I began by giving the whole figure a wash with Iron Wind Metals “Deep Turquoise” ink applied liberally with a very wet brush.

     When the ink was dry, I drybrushed the entire figure with Americana “Salem Blue”.
     I then dry brushed the figure with White, trying mainly to hit the edges and tips of the waves.
     After the figure had overnight to dry,  I gave it a coat of Americana “DuraClear Gloss” Varnish.  When this was dry, I flocked the base.  I let the flock dry, and then I painted some of the DuraClear Gloss" Varnish on the flock immediately around the figure to give the impression of a wet area on the ground around the elemental.

    I’m really pleased with how this figure turned out.  I think the watery look really comes across.

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