Dwarf War Machine Conversion: 25mm to 10mm

Chris Palmer   While I was at Huzzah last month, I found this cool old Ral Partha Dwarf  "Steam Cannon" War Machine in the flea market.  It was missing it’s crew, but that was fine with me, because when I saw it I immediately thought about it’s possibilities as a 10mm Dwarven “Ogre” type vehicle for my Dwarven Army for “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” mass combat fantasy rules.  And the price was certainly right. 🙂

   The kit itself was easy to assemble.  I then raided my 10mm figures box for some spare Warmaster Dwarf Cannon crewmen to man the machine.  I test fit the Dwarf crew around the deck, and when satisfied, I glued the machine to a 3" x 3" metal base (BYV units have 3" frontage, and I needed the 3" depth to fit the model), and the crew I glued to a tongue depressor for ease of handling while panting.   I then sprayed the vehicle and crew with flat black primer.

        The painting itself was straightforward, and when complete I glued the crew onto the vehicle and then flocked the base.

    I’m really pleased with how this model came out.   For the most part, the parts of the vehicle are scale variable, so the 10mm crew doesn’t look too out of place on the deck.

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