Crescent Root Buildings

After seeing Buck’s post on the Crescent Root building he purchased, I finally took the plunge and placed an order.

I ordered two buildings out of their 28MM Series 3 buildings:  28E3 and 28F3.  The building are well constructed and have ample detail.  And as a bonus, come pre-painted.  Assembly is quick and easy with the corner pins to hold things together.  The doors are mounted with a tape hinge that allows them to swing open.

Below you will find several shots of the two buildings with some 28mm figures and a 1/50th scale German tank for size comparisons.

The inside view of building 26F3

Exterior view of 28F3 without the outer courtyard wall

Exterior view of 28F3 with the outer courtyard wall highlighting the hinged doors

Top view of 28F3

Building 28E3 unassembled

Assembling 28E3 showing the pins

An interior shot of 28E3

Exterior view of 28E3

Backside view of 28E3

Both building will make their debut during Historicon next month.  If you are attending, drop by the HAWKs room and check them out in person – pictures don’t do them justice.

from Wargaming Notes
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