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Rob Dean

In anticipation of Gencon, and of the eventual rerelease of the Ral Partha Collector Series fantasy armies, I have been combing eBay for a starter batch of old elves. I posted the first three wood elves a few entires back. I finished the next nine last weekend. I was a little delayed by the need to wait until it stopped raining for a day or two before I could spray the final varnish coat on them. So I had 20 or so figures ready by the time the weather finally cleared.

These sea elves are the vanguard of a force of about 25. I’ve got five more elves with greatswords primed and ready to start. That particular figure is not part of the first wave rerelease, so I’m going to be limited to what drifts in from eBay. I’ve got 11 elves with lowered pikes (i.e. front rank) in progress, with some hope of finishing them this weekend.

I’ve been interspersing the unit blocks with a few individuals, like the princess posted last night. The “Earth Demon” looked like he would be acceptable with a farily simple rock scheme, so here it is. (Original catalog identifier: ES-45.)

I’ve got one more figure I want to finish before I run a little elf/orc skirmish with Song of Blades and Heroes for a bit of encouragement.

Speaking of orcs, by the way, I’ve accumulated a lot of the Collector Series orcs from eBay, including a handful that were almost painted acceptably. I decided to go ahead and do a quick rehabilitation job on those, basing them like the rest of my figures and touching up the paint, particularly evening out the orcs’ skin tones to something closer to what I intend to use when I tackle the never painted figures.

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