Yes,’I’m In: A Bones III Confession

Chris Palmer

   Just wanted to let you all know that I caved, and went in on the Bones III Core Set. 🙂  I was planning to just go in for a dollar to pick and choose, but the inclusion of all the Lizardmen (I’m a sucker for Lizardmen; see my other blog for posts on the 10mm Lizardman Army I’m currently building), and the inclusion of the Yeti (Chill Out) stretch goal (which will go great with my winter-themed fantasy side-project) helped convince me to go in for the whole set.
   I haven’t been swayed by any of the buy-in add on sets yet though, but time will tell…
Here is a link to the Bones III Kickstarter

  So who else has succumbed to the madness?? 🙂

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