HAWKs 5th Armies for Kids Giveaway Event at Historicon 2015


Nah! Those kids don't look happy at all!

On Saturday at Historicon 2015, Eric Schlegel hosted the 5th Armies for Kids Giveaway game.  The event is for kids under 10 years old.  Each younger gamer who participates in the event walks away with enough PAINTED figures (for both sides) to run a game at home, some terrain, some unpainted figures, some paints, etc.

This year’s event featured 40mm ACW figures, mostly Sash and Saber, through the kind donations of many folks.  Maynard Creel, Ed Mohrmann, Phil Kearnan, Keven Pinder, and Eric Von Reyn provided the figures.  Ed hired Phil to paint all the Confederates that Ed purchased, and Phil subsequently donated and painted the mounted officers. Painting of some of the Union troops was also done by Eric Von Reyn.  Chris Johnson once again provided terrain for the kids to take  home.  These included wooden fences and a  paper bridge over which to fight.  I realized after I got home that I need took any good close-up pictures of the figures that Phil painted, but they were amazing.  The HAWKs held a couple of painting bees during the year to paint up all the unpainted figures that had been donated.  Our figures did not look nearly as good as Phil’s.

Eric used his ACW rules he has created specifically for kids games.  They flow nicely, and the kids always have good time.  Eric’s rules also include his “test of history education in US schools.”  When a specific card is drawn from the deck, he asks one side or the other an ACW history question.  If the kids on that side get it correctly, one unit gets an extra activation.  If they don’t get it correctly, the other side gets a chance to “steal” the extra action.  I learned a lot from these nine year olds, like the “fact” that Grant commanded the Army of Northern Virginia and that Robert E. Lee was the president of the Confederacy.

A dad provides tactical advice to a gamer in training.

The game involved both sides trying to capture the hill seen in the center of the picture (above).  The Rebs got there first, but they were eventually driven off by the Yanks.  The boy on the far left of the picture was the last Reb in the game.  His single remaining figure killed five or six Ynaks before being gunned down.

This was our fifth such giveaway event.

1 – AWI 20mm plastics (Historicon 2011)
2 – 54mm ACW plastics (Historicon 2012)
3 – 15mm SYW metal (Historicon 2013)
4 – 30mm Napoleonic metal (Historicon 2014)
5 – 40mm ACW metal (Historicon 2015)
We plan to give away 20mm plastic WWII figures at Barrage 2015 (see http://ift.tt/1z5yVfo) in October.

The Armies for Kids Giveaway was followed immediately by Geoff's ever popular Lego pirate game.

We hosted four games specifically targeting kids at Historicon 2015:

  • The Armies for Kids Giveaway.
  • Geoff’s Lego pirate game.
  • Duncan’s game based on the Warriors books involving tribes of warring cats.
  • A version of my Defense of Schloss Iter game tailored for kids.

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