Tanker’s Challenge Returns to Historicon

Don Hogge
After having a few people ask last year, I decided to bring Tanker’s Challenge back to Historicon 16-19 July 2015.  And plan to do so each year.

On Thursday night, 10 tankers climbed into their tanks and prepared to battle it out for the title of “Top Tanker”.  Points are scored for killing a tank; points are lost for losing a tank.  The points were calculated using hull front armor value + turret front armor + gun armor penetration value.  The initial starting line-up included the following:  M3A1, M5A1, Semovente 75/32, M14/41, 2 Cruiser I, 2 StuG IIIB, and 2 Pz38T.

The starting locations were set to prevent “spawn” camping as much as possible.

The table set-up at the start

When a tanker lost a tank, they rolled on a chart to get something better.  There were a total of 66 tanks available.  By the end of the game, 43 tanks were on the board – mostly burning.  The number of tanks lost per player ranged from two to a total of seven with most players losing three.

A Char-B1 lumbers out looking for a victim.  It didn’t last long.

The field of burning tanks continues to grow

As was too busy running the game to take many notes or get a lot of pictures.  My usual assistant GM couldn’t make the trip this year.

Finally upgraded to something with a bit of armor – a Churchill IV enters the fray

As usual, alliances were made and then immediately broken when the backend of tank was shown to a supposed ally.  And several friendly rivalries popped up between opposing tankers.

When all the dust settled, the top tanker had +163 points and the bottom tanker had -379.  All in all, everyone had a great time.

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