Sam Fuson’s Big Birthday Gaming Bash

Chris Palmer    Last Saturday some of us from the HAWKS went up to Warhorse Farm in PA to help fellow HAWK, Sam Fuson, celebrate a milestone birthday in style; with a day of gaming hosted by his wife, Kathy, and himself.   Fifteen of Sam’s friends gathered for the event. In the morning we ran three games, A Mexican-American War game using modified “Muskets and Tomahawks” rules, a Civil War game using “A Union So Tested” rules, and a Victorian Science Fiction ACW game using GASLIGHT rules (Which I ran).

My ACW GASLIGHT game featured a celebration of General Grant’s birthday being interrupted by some Rebel raiders. Here we see the start of the battle as some army cooks pose with the huge birthday cake they baked, as assorted dignitaries look on.

As the Rebels attack, saving the wagon full of whisky becomes a priority for the troops!

The Rebels use their infernal mole-machines as well as other contraptions to crash the party.

The Mexican-American War battle.

Caldwell Clears the Wheatfield was the other game on the morning roster.

    Around midday, when the morning games ended, we took a break to feast on fried chicken coleslaw, and potato salad.  Then we all enjoyed some of Sam’s two birthday cakes. 🙂  With full bellies, we began the afternoon’s gaming session.  There were two games, a WWII Eastern Front battle using “Look, Sarge, No Charts:WWII” rules, and a Western Front battle, using “GAMER” rules.

Soviet and German forces clash on the outskirts of Berlin in this “LSNC: WWII” game.

A view of the WWII skirmish table using GAMER rules.

An American Anti-tank gun takes aim at approaching Germans.

The birthday boy himself (in cap) gives a short speech before blowing out his candles. 

   We all had a blast with good friends, good games, and good food.  Popular opinion was that this should become and annual event. 🙂

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