Mason Thornwarden: Figure 165 of 265

Chris Palmer

This week I completed Mason Thornwarden from the Heroes Set. Only two Heroes from the set left to do.  Most importantly though, this figure marks another great milestone as I now only have 100 figures left to complete. My goal is to get those done before the Bones 3 Kickstarter ships.
   When I began painting this figure I assumed he was an elf, (just like last week’s elf ranger)  and I decided to paint him in real bold garish Wood Elf colors using bright greens and yellows.  It was until about halfway through that I realized his long chin was in fact a goatee, meaning he was most likely a human.  So, now I have a very brightly dressed human archer.  But, hey, why not.
      I prepped the figure in the usual way; soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish- soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying.   I then glued the figure to a 1" black-primed fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and glued the washer to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of Elmer’s White Glue.
          This is another nice dynamic sculpt, and just like last week’s figure, it has a bit of loss of detail on the sides of the legs.

     I began by painting his under-tunic with DecoArt “Wild Green”, and the jerkin over that with Accent “Mustard Seed”. It appeared as if he has some sort of leggings strapped onto the front of his legs, so I painted the backs of the legs with Americana “Khaki”.

   Next, I painted his top shirt with Americana “Leaf Green”, then I painted his cloak with DecoArt “Bright Yellow”. I painted the leggings on the front of his legs, and his shoes, with Crafters Edition “Spice Brown”.

     I then painted his forearm guards, quiver, and belts all with DecoArt “Cinnamon Brown”. Next, I painted his bow with Folk Art “Grey Green”. The grip on his bow I painted with Accent “Real Umber”. The arrow shafts I painted with Folk art “Barn Wood”, and the fletchings with “White”. His face and hands I painted with DecoArt “Flesh”.
     When the paint had a few hours to dry, I went back and gave the entire figure a wash with  Winsor-Newton “Peat Brown” Ink using a wet brush.

     It was as I was looking at the figure after the ink wash dried that I realized the guy had a beard. So I took some Americana “Sable Brown” and painted the beard. I then took some Folk Art “Butter Pecan” and added some highlights to it.  I then painted his eyes with black sockets, white whites and black pupils, then did the highlights on his face with the base “Flesh”.  I then added a little White to some of the “Flesh” and did a finer highlight on the bridge of his nose.
     I then highlighted his under tunic with the base “Wild Green” with a little White added, and his jerkin with some Apple Barrel “Maple Brown Sugar”. Next, I highlighted his shirt with DecoArt “Holiday Green”.  His cloak I highlighted first with DecoArt “Daffodil Yellow” and then Apple Barrel “Lemon Chiffon”. His forearm guards, leggings, and quiver I all highlighted with the “Sable Brown”. His pants I used the base “Khaki” to do the highlights, and on the bow I used the base “Grey Green”. The arrow shafts I highlighted with the base “Barn Wood”, and the fletchings I highlighted with the base “White”.  I then took some Ceramcoat “Metallic Pewter” and painted his buckles. Lastly, I painted his white base with Ceramcoat “Walnut”
        After the figure had overnight to dry, I gave it a coat of Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish”.  That afternoon  I flocked the bases, and the next morning I sprayed it with Testor’s “Dullcote” spray varnish.

     I’m generally pleased with how this fellow came out. I prefer these simpler figures without all the assorted bits and bobs strapped to them that need to be deciphered, and somewhat basic clothing (though I could have done without four layers of it!) that was sculpted symmetrically so that all the sleeves and parts matched on both sides of the figure.

Figure 165 of 265: Complete
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