Dollar Tree Tombstone Corner Scenery (Finally!) Painted

Chris Palmer     Figuring it was about that time that stores start putting out their Halloween merchandise, I thought it was about time I finished panting the Tombstone Corner scenery pieces I bought at the local Dollar Tree store around this time last year.  You can see my original post on the subject here.

   I had painted the gargoyles last year, but I still had the bigger pieces to complete.  They had been languishing on  my workbench for a year now with nothing but a flat black primer coat applied.
So, this past week, I finished them up, and here are the results.  While not the greatest pieces of scenery, considering their $1 price tag, I think they’ll do quite nicely to fill out a table. 
 Shown with a 28mm Reaper Bones figure.

I’m hoping they produce more pieces for this line this year. But, so far I have not seen any in my local stores.

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