HAWKs Complete Barrage Armies For Kids Project

Chris Palmer    This past Saturday, several of the HAWKs got together to do the final basing and organizing for the BARRAGE Armies For Kids Project.   Six lucky kids who take part in a special game that will be run at BARRAGE on October 10th will walk away with both an Allied and a German army, complete with tanks, infantry and machine guns as well as a bag of goodies such as terrain and playing aids.

    This project was made possible by Ed Mohrmann who donated a large box of 20mm WWII figures, and John Acar who donated four  20mm tank models.  A couple of the HAWKs also chipped in items from their own collections to fill out the units.

      The HAWKs also finalized their plans for next year’s Historicon Armies for Kids project, which will be 20mm ACW; based on the personal collections of HAWKs members Buck Surdu and myself.  If anyone has painted 20mm ACW to donateto the project, please contact me at CNJPalmer at aol dot com.

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