HAWKS Hold Fall-In City Fight Playtest Day

Chris Palmer       One of the special slates of games the HAWKs will be hosting at Fall-In is a series of  5 battles all taking place on the same city terrain set up.  Some of the members got together this past Saturday to run a couple of playtest games to test the city layout and a pair of the scenarios.
     The first was a WWII game using GAMER rules, run by Eric, that had Canadians trying to take a German held town in Holland in January ‘44.

An over-view of the table.

Canadian tanks and troops gain a foothold in the town.

A hidden German AT gun takes aim from a nearby woods.

    The second game had a more fanciful setting; this scenario involved forces of evil goblins trying to take control of Santa’s village while the big guy was away, using GASLIGHT rules, and run by Kurt.

A lone Teddy Bear cannon, assisted by the Bumble, tries to stop the onrushing Goblin hordes.

Evil Penguins take on a squad of Toy Soldiers defending the town square.

Heroic Elf workers from the toy factory defuse a bombing attempt on the bridge the hard way.

    Both games were enjoyable for the players, and the GMs got to see what tweaks they need to make to their scenarios.

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