Quick and Easy Frostgrave Cork Ruin

Chris Palmer   This week I knocked out a quick Frostgrave ruin made from cork sheet, as a way to test how the cork would  look as a stone building.
      I purchased a pack of these rough textured cork panels from the local Craft Store, with a 50%-off coupon, and thought they would make good rock walls from my Fostgrave ruins.

      So, I fashioned a quick rudimentary ruin by snapping off a section of a cork tile, and cutting it into  three walls. with some simple windows which I framed up with balsa. I then made some small fourth walls, with a doorway, using the window cut-outs.   I then cut out a foamcore base, and glued the ruin to it.  Next, I ran white glue around the base of the walls, and scattered onto the glue any cork scraps, some small gravel, and pieces of rough broken up wood scraps.

     I then painted the whole thing.

   When the paint was dry, I added some snow; and some icicles, which I made with hot glue.

     I’m very pleased with how this turned out, and I think the cork looks good as stone,  but I think I shouldn’t have put the ruin on the big rounded “dirt” foamcore base, as it doesn’t quite fit the city-scape look. I was thinking in terms of how I usually construct buildings for use in a more natural setting.  I think any future ruins I make will be on a more structured squared base, painted like stone.

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