Another Frostgrave Cork Ruin, Two-Story This Time

Chris Palmer    I built another cork tile ruin for Frostgrave this week. (You can see my first attempt here.)  This time I wanted to achieve a few things different than the first one; a second story to test how the cork held up to a taller structure, more debris scattered around, and a stone rather than a dirt base.

      I used a 6"x 6" cork tile for the base and inscribed a 1 inch grid on it to represent paving/foundation stones

    The wood is a mix of balsa and bass. The debris was made from cork scraps, aquarium gravel, and course sand.   I  painted it with my regular acrylic hobby paint.

      The snow is from an old bottle of DecoArt “Snow-Tex”,  textured snow paint, that I’ve had sitting around for at least a decade.  I never had a use for it, and making these ruins inspired me to dig it out and put it to use. It goes on nice and thick and lumpy.  Once that was dry, I brushed it with some white glue and then applied Woodland Scenics snow flocking,

     I’m very pleased with how this building turned out, and I am currently considering what to build next.  I’m considering doing a wizards tower, and attempting bend a sheet of cork into a round shape using an oatmeal canister as a base.  my other thought is some sort of twin square towers that have some sort of precarious bridge between them.  I also have in the back of my mind doing some sort of frozen dock for a Frostgrave waterfront…

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3 thoughts on “Another Frostgrave Cork Ruin, Two-Story This Time

  1. I really love the buildings you’re making from cork. The technique would work really well for WWII ruined buildings as well, I think.

    Are there any buildings in Frostgrave that are NOT ruins?

    1. Thanks! Yes, they would work great for WWII. If you ever want to do GAMER Bastogne, feel free to borrow them.
      I don’t think it specifies in the rules whether everything is ruined or not. For my purposes most everything I make will be. One of the things I like about it is that it provides for all levels to be accessed without worrying about having to construct removable roofs or stories. The other thing I like is it provides for a build in excuse for less than perfect craftsmanship on my part. 🙂

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